Cook Tuesday – Chicken Chili :)

I work an odd job.  My weekends are typically Monday – Wednesday then I work 5 nights Wednesday – Sunday.  So that leaves me Tuesday to be the domestic goddess I am (yeah right!). Really I do laundry and pay bills, but  I try to cook a real meal for me and the BF on Tuesdays.  Today I’m making the Chicken Chili Recipe – Found Here!  This is my first time to cook off of Pinterest (I know – what rock do I live under???).

Any good cook makes a few adjustments to their recipes – so here are mine…

I used the whole onion.

I mixed everything together before I poured it over the chicken.

(I was also thinking about inviting a friend over to eat until I accidentally put 1 tbs instead of 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper into the mixture.  I tried to scrape it out as much a possible – so I’m sure I got it down to the recommended amount.  It says 1 tbs of chili powder… totally mixed it up.  Oh well. If BF ask I’ll blame it on the Rotel.)

  I used 3 pieces of chicken.  That is how many came in the package, not 2.


In other fronts – Pandora has introduced me to Jem. 🙂

Eat something good today – FRM


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