Knit Wednesday – Tiger Hat

Let the holiday knitting begin!


Cook Tuesday – Chicken Chili :)

I work an odd job.  My weekends are typically Monday – Wednesday then I work 5 nights Wednesday – Sunday.  So that leaves me Tuesday to be the domestic goddess I am (yeah right!). Really I do laundry and pay bills, but  I try to cook a real meal for me and the BF on Tuesdays.  Today I’m making the Chicken Chili Recipe – Found Here!  This is my first time to cook off of Pinterest (I know – what rock do I live under???).

Any good cook makes a few adjustments to their recipes – so here are mine…

I used the whole onion.

I mixed everything together before I poured it over the chicken.

(I was also thinking about inviting a friend over to eat until I accidentally put 1 tbs instead of 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper into the mixture.  I tried to scrape it out as much a possible – so I’m sure I got it down to the recommended amount.  It says 1 tbs of chili powder… totally mixed it up.  Oh well. If BF ask I’ll blame it on the Rotel.)

  I used 3 pieces of chicken.  That is how many came in the package, not 2.


In other fronts – Pandora has introduced me to Jem. 🙂

Eat something good today – FRM

Make Monday – First Quilt

For starters – I know that going into a quilt shop to just “look” is stupid.  It’s like an alcoholic having one drink.  My bf’s Mother cheerfully takes me into the shop last weekend knowing it will not (ever!) be a quick stop for me to “look” around (thank you KR).  My just looking turned into the purchase of 2 Kaffe Fasset 6″ Earth Charmpacks.  I was armed also with a disappearing nine-patch free pattern.  Home I go to piece them together.  Cut them up.  Then what?

I return to the store 3-days later with my pithy stack of wild-colored squares and decide sashing is my best bet to bring it all together!  Overall I’m happy with the progress.

I watched my Mom quilt for my entire childhood.  It was nice to just unleash all of her knowledge and patience thru this project.  This is my first attempt at a quilt top.  I didn’t really realize I knew how to do all of this.  I’m excited to get it done to plan and start another…

Happy day – FRM